Who We Service - Civil Industry

Whether a project requires construction, demolition, repairs or ongoing maintenance, D.A. Beretta is able to help. Our experience in civil construction and engineering projects means we are skilled in providing the person-power and equipment to complete the even largest and most demanding projects.

We are leaders in providing specialised equipment and skilled professionals in the following services

  • Hydro excavation

  • Directional drilling

  • General excavation services

  • Water main installation

  • Fire Service installation

New industry, government agency relocation and population growth in Greater Geelong and South West Victoria has created numerous opportunities for our company to partner with civil industry leaders. We have worked with many companies including Civil Force and Millen Group on large and smaller scale projects over extensive time lines.

Our experienced team combined with our technologically advanced machinery means that we are able to deliver quality services on time regardless of the project size or length.

We follow the Civil Construction Federation Management Code and we adhere to regulations and guidelines of the following industry associations:

  • Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia

  • Victorian Building Authority

  • Backflow Prevention Association of Australia

Our team members are all dedicated professionals who share our vision to provide quality service. We work hard to minimize our impact on the environment and review our processes frequently to ensure that we are meeting the guidelines for best practice. We commit to:

  • Minimising stripping, erosion and emissions

  • Recycling and salvaging of construction material

  • Salvaging and re-using topsoil

  • Minimising waste

Ensuring the health and safety of staff, clients and the public has always been a priority for D.A. Beretta. To ensure that we continue to maintain a safety record to be proud of, we engage in regular staff training and encourage consultation with and feedback from all stakeholders.